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Fruit Sugar - (Diabetic) - single portion sachets

Fruit Sugar - (Diabetic) - single portion sachets

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Fruit Sugar - (for diabetics and perhaps - all of us)

... the low GI sugar

(pure fructose)

single portion sachets by fruisana

  Fruisana is a leading brand of fruit sugar, or fructose, found naturaly in most fruit and honey.
  It is nearly twice as sweet as ordinary sugar, so you need much less for sprinkling; and for use in cooking.
  Up to 33% less, in fact !
It tastes like ordinary sugar and does not have the slightly unpleasant aftertaste that you can get with some artificial sweeteners

  Fruisana Fruit Sugar contains the same number of calories as glucose or ordinary sugar, but you need much less of it because it is sweeter and it is a more stable and satisfying energy source.

  The Glycaemic Index (GI) of a food is a measure of the effect that the food has on blood sugar levels.
A low GI value, will mean that the food wil have a low impact on raising the blood glucose level
  Conversely, a high GI will mean that the blood sugar levels are elevated in some cases into a 'danger zone' that may result in the need for insulin

It is recommended, that, by including carbohydrates which have a low GI in the diet, the effect will be more stable blood sugar levels
  This will also decrease the possibility of overeating; as the blood sugar levels drop rapidly after the digestion of high GI carbohydrates; a phenomenum that can contribute to being overweight

  Fruisana Fruit Sugar is classified as being low GI as it has a Glycaemic Index of 19
  compared to glucose with a GI of 100
and table sugar (sucrose) with a GI of 65

  Many type II diabetics have been enjoying the benefits of Fruisana Fruit Sugar in their diets for years
  Sucrose and glucose, both found in common sugar, produce a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, which gives rise to the possible need for insulin
  This means diabetics need to carefully control the amount and types of sugar that they consume on a daily basis
  Fruisana Fruit Sugar does not cause this rapid rise in blood sugar levels because it is mainly metabolized within the liver
  From the liver, having been used to form glucose, it is released slowly, as and when the body needs energy

Nutritional Information per 100g - note - each sachet is approx 3g
Energy 1692kJ/398kcal - Protein 0g - Carbohydrate 100g of which sugars 100g - Fat 0g of which saturates 0g - Fibre 0g - Sodium 0g


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