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If you would like to contact us - here are our details - we'd love to hear from you; with your opinion of our web site, products; in fact any suggestions to help us improve, will be gratefully received. (please be honest, we do not take offence)

"SinglePortions" - 28 Marlborough Crescent - Witney - OX29 8JR - UK

Please note, this is only an administration address, it is not a shop or a warehouse and we have no products on the premises that can be bought or collected.

We have had to remove our telephone number as we were being pestered by sales people - if you would like to speak with us - please send an email with your telephone number and a message and we will be happy to ring you.   (in the UK only)

We cannot take orders by telephone or give quotations by telephone - only by email or web site - sorry

For your information, our products are stored in a dry, cool, smoke free, secure facility.

Our email address is:   (click the email address on the left to write an email)

We have only 2 Rules regarding Customer Service :-

Rule # 1 - The complaining customer is always right.

Rule # 2 - When in doubt, refer to rule # 1.

PLEASE tell us, if anything, even the smallest thing, made you unhappy, even slightly unhappy, regarding anything, absolutely anything, that you think, we could improve.

 We are not perfect, but we will fix anything that goes wong, just tell us.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and your details are deemed privileged information, which we will never pass to a third party.


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