About Us


Chris Flatley created this online shop through frustration in 2008 - His story goes:
"I do not like Mayonnaise -  bear with me ☺ my tipple is Salad Cream and when I'm out and about and have a sandwich, a salad, a burger or whatever, I can sometimes get it served without Mayo - but can rarely get Salad Cream as a replacement. Naturally, whilst at home it's not a problem, as we have jars in abundance. 

I had searched for many, many, many, many, many years ( honestly, it was that many, manys ! ) for Salad Cream in sachets, so that I could have some in the car; ready for those emergencies when I'm out and lumbered with the dreaded Mayonnaise !

Could I find Salad Cream sachets for sale ? no I could not !   Well that's not quite true, because if you're in the 'trade' you can perhaps, get membership to a wholesale warehouse and buy sachets of Salad Cream, but they tend to sell them in boxes of  200 !  Assuming I could buy a box, what would I do with 200 sachets of Salad Cream - as the family only eat Mayo ? ( AND because Salad Cream is so rare, you can't 'nick' any from fast food or motorway service places ! )

It then occurred to me, there might be other people in the UK who would like to buy beverages, sauces, jams etc. in small quantities; especially Campers, Hikers, Climbers, Walkers, Ramblers, Cyclists, Sailors, Explorers, Caravanners, Skiers, Scouts, Girl Guides, ( even School Children ? )( perhaps especially School Lunch Boxes ) ; I guess I mean, anyone, that has to carry their 'home' or their 'lunch' on their back - so here we are.   ( and let's not forget Picnics + Students + Self Catering Holidays etc ) 

...and yes - you're right - I do now, have sachets of Salad Cream in the limo, the motorhome, the helicopter, the truck, the boat, the plane, the motorbike, the caravan, the car, the 4x4, the hamper, the tent, the lunch box, the handbag, the bumbag, the man bag, the backpack, the rucksack, the briefcase, the suitcase; in fact all over the place - along with lots of other condiments as well ! They're great at home as well - so much more convenient to have single portions and not have out of date half used jars in the back of the cupboard growing mould - why not try a few ? - remember, they are single portions, so nothing wasted and after all, variety is the spice of life !

So, why not try some of the more unusual - BBQ Sauce - Mint Sauce - Horseradish Sauce - Tartare Sauce - Chilli - Salsa - Sweet & Sour - Marmite - Chocolate Spread - Branston Pickle - Olives - Ploughman's Lunch - Soy Sauce - Maple Syrup - Mango Chutney etc - you only need to buy one to try and if you don't like it, don't buy any more !"

At the end of 2013 Chris & his lovely wife Dee decided to fulfil a longstanding dream of travelling the world (well Europe at least) in their motorhome so he has handed over day to day running of the business to us.

We'd love to welcome you as a shopper (we give a 100% unconditional guarantee - so certainly - no risk) enabling you to go ahead and place your order with confidence

Best wishes

David & Tam

PS: and as we get in to 2024 we will complete 16 years of trading! - we have grown rapidly and now have pleasure in supplying our thousands of customers in the UK (plus Europe of course) and indeed world wide - from Islands in the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East to South America and of course North America - - even Japan - Australia etc. etc. etc.